Saturday, February 23, 2013

MFW: Bottega Veneta

By: Maddison Brown

Fashion can be a lot like being in a museum, we could stare all day and still not understand what the artist is trying to convey. In the instance of Bottega Veneta, combining wool and silk may be something we wouldn’t think of ourselves, but it doesn’t stop us from seeing the beauty in it. The Fall 13 models took the runway like portraits themselves. The designs and patterns of choice were abstract and beautiful, each looking like they were sharing a message. 

The rest of the collection was heavier in texture and colour, most black and very classy. Drapery was common as well as the sleeve, in both bell and quarter sleeve. One piece in particular was fire engine red, with largely padded shoulders in angular drapery. Necklines were an erogenous zone of choice, with lots of thought put into the placement of the collar. The modesty of the rest of the outfits made the entire line one of pure glamour and class. Hair was pinned back in a very 40’s fashion, with coordinating red lips and full, natural brows. Definitely an expressive and thoughtful collection for Fall 2013!

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