Sunday, February 24, 2013

MFW: Jil Sander

“Sartorially speaking, these clothes worked the good-girl side of the fashion tracks, cut as they were for both ease and ample coverage. They radiated a contagious calm; one relaxed while watching.” (WWD)

By: Julia Smith

With cool undertones and sharp tailoring, the Jil Sander collection combined strength and femininity, resulting in fabulous looks. The pieces had clean cuts with impeccable tailoring; this was seen in the trim of the blazers, triangular flap openings as well as trousers. Suede and leather were paired to create fabulous outerwear, which seems to be some of the stronger this season. There was also gold accents that gave the structured evening dresses, a more glamorous feel.  All in all, the collection was simple and clean with beautiful colours, another hit for the brand.

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