Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter 2014 Registration: Fashion Arts

Below is the information you may need to assit you in registering for classes for next semester.
Remember this is your responsibility so please read carefully.

Fashion Arts – Open Scheduling Winter 2014

This is a self-directed form of scheduling and students must take responsibility to ensure they meet the College’s keydates and program requirements.The SRS website is

Key points for students using SRS to book classes

1.   Students are responsible for meeting the scheduling deadlines. The key datesare posted by the College on the front page of SRS. Please check this website frequently for updates and messages.

Key Dates Approaching

Dec 2, 2013

Registration begins for Winter 2014. The schedule for Business classes will be available for students to view and select. Students should be going onto promptly in order to get the sections that best fit.

Dec 20, 2013

Final marks for Fall 2013 will be available on SRS.

Dec 23, 2013 – Jan 02, 2014

Humber College is closed. Any inquiries made over this period will be responded to when the college reopens.


Jan 6, 2014

Winter 2014 classes start.


Jan 10, 2014

Last day to add a class or transfer to a different section.


Jan 17, 2014

Last day for refund.

2. Students will be able to select, add or drop a class, using SRS ( They will also be able to transfer from one section to another. Reminder: the last day to add a class or transfer into a different section is Jan 10, 2014.
3. Steps to follow:

1.   Sign onto SRS. (

2.   From the ‘Service Menu’ select ‘Full Time Registration’.

3.   Click on 'Register Now'. This will lead you to the work area, where clear directions on selecting individual classes/sections will be provided.

4.  Students are encourages to book their classes promptly, as there is no waiting list availabile. If a class/section is full, another class/section must be selected.

5. PRE-REQ’s

A Pre-Req is a class that must be taken and passed (50% or higher) before a more senior class can be selected. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the existing Pre-Req’s and to ensure they are following the course curriculum as it is laid out.

If a student registers for a class that he/she does not have the proper Pre-Req for, the system will flag it and the student will be removed from the course.

If after viewing your final marks on Dec 20, 2013 you see that you have not been successful in passing a required class for Winter 2014, you must withdraw from the more senior class and register to retake the class failed. If you are proactive in addressing this situation, you will have a better chance of getting into the class you need to repeat.

The Fashion Arts diploma curriculum, including pre-reqs, is on SRS with the winter schedule.


Humanities and General Elective classes are provided to the Business School by Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS ). If you have questions on these classes, or need to repeat HUMA 024, COMM 100/200 or 300 you will have to contact LAS. The LAS office is located across from the Staff Lounge at K201.

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