Monday, September 22, 2014

London Fashion Week S/S 2015 Highlights

London Fashion Week had everything you could ever hope for and more.


Wool and the Gang: Inside Somerset house merging talents are creating sustainable, warm and fashionable wool garments. Handmade knitwear that is innovative and sustainable is exactly what were going to need in the coming months.

DAY TWO: September 13, 2014

Hunter: If you're like me you love a cool, rainy fall day as an excuse to wear your Hunter boots (not like you need one), but Hunter is expanding itself, and trying to make the brand be something else besides the heartwarming rain boot. The Hunter show featured a four sided screen, with water and fish swimming about. Hunter explored colourful RTW, along with "dazzle"which is used to hide navy ships from satellite photography (but is extremely gorgeous), and new types of waterproof purses and shoes, such as oxfords.

DAY THREE: September 14, 2014

Preen: With their feminine dresses and fashion forward designs, the bright patchwork, designs and fringed skirts and dresses were suitable for a fancy rave. The designers took inspiration from hip hop and Maasai Warriors cricket team. The outfits can easily go from day to night and can be used for all sorts of occasions.

DAY FOUR: September 15, 2014

Burberry Prorsum: The indigo jacket reimagined, what hasn't burberry done? Along with that, their solid white sneaker with a colour block stripe foamy sole debuted. Tulle dresses, twisted and tied around the waist, and sheer bodices to create the most beautiful gowns that take you into a different world.

DAY FIVE: September 16, 2014

TOP SHOP: Cara Delevingne lead the show with a translucent dress, sparkles, burgundy nails, reinvented ballerina shoes and a tule corsage. The glamour was at its peak. The show also introduced many colour blocking dresses for a more causal feeling.

So after all this a few things can be concluded of what you'll need in your closet in the coming months: sneakers, tulle and handmade, eco-friendly clothing. Sign me up for everything! 

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