Saturday, November 29, 2014

Exam Survival Guide

With the last few weeks of school approaching, and the holiday vacation growing closer and closer (13 days, maybe I'm counting?), the stress levels are growing higher, and the amount of tired students is growing larger. Here is your survival guide for the next few weeks, to complete your exams to the best of your abilities, while still maintaining your physical and mental health.

1. EAT
This seems like an easy one, but ensuring you're getting proper nutrition at the right times and not just binging on McDonald's at 3am, is vital that you eat to ensure your concentration levels are high. Along with eating balanced and healthy meals, also don't forget your water bottle to help ease the headaches.

2. Get Outside
I understand how hard it is whenever you have Exam reviews exploding on your desk but you still need to make time for yourself to go outside and get exercise. Even if it's just for a quick walk in the Arboretum, going for a walk is a good way to reconnect with yourself, and your mind, and stay sane.

3. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or your marketing textbook?
The important thing is, is to find a balance between everything. You're working hard, and although you need to try your very best with exams, it's okay to take a break and catch up with your best friend in between study sessions.

4. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
I cannot stress enough how important this is. Make sure you are getting a full 8 hours of sleep before your exam, and go to bed at a good hour. Also give yourself time to relax everyday, maybe not with a Netflix marathon, but just lie down and listen to some music, or catch up on a book.

5. School is school, it isn't life.
As long as you try your best, there is nothing else you can do. Don't beat yourself up if you don't get all 90's on your exams. Contrary to popular belief, fashion school is no walk in the park, and the fact that you made it this far, already makes you an extraordinary student.


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