Monday, November 10, 2014

Your Heels vs. Your Runners

Dior, SS 2014
Chanel, SS 2104
Nothing feels better then getting all dolled up on a Friday night and slipping on a pair of your favourite high heels. We love how high heels make us feel tall, glamorous, slender, important, and basically like you're America's Next Top Model.

But what about during the week, whenever looking good isn't your only job?

For the last year, more and more you see runways supporting not only heels, but flat shoes as well, sandals and runners.

Personally, I see this as an amazing trend because there are many days where you are wearing your heels, and you have so many things to do, but with aching feet to do them in, and that just isn't fun.

If heels are your thing, then that is awesome for you and I am fully jealous of your talents, but for those of us who aren't as light on our feet here are the latest running shoe trends, and the top 5 best in style that you want under your tree this year, even if they won't be a pair of $3000.00 Louboutin's.

                                                      1. Adidas Supernova Glide 6: $130
These shoes have been all the rave lately, with amazing feedback from customers and professionals across the country. The shoes are designed to keep you running longer. It has a foam boost that offers better cushioning then most runners, and keeps you running for longer then you have ever thought possible. The good news is that in 2015 all of Adidas runners will have the foam boost!

2. Women's UA Speedform Apollo Running Shoe: $120
Extremely, comfortable, light weight and gorgeous! If you're ever concerned about the size of your feet, customer reviews say that this shoe makes their foot look smaller then ever and hugs in all the right places. With an insole that learns the shape of your foot, and doesn't allow slippage, it's perfect for being on your feet all day!

                                                       3. Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit: $120
I'm slightly biased to this one, having already fell in love with my own pair of Nike Free's. These running shoes hug your arches in all the right places, bend naturally with your foot and have amazing comfort, perfect for running errands around the city, or going for a jog through the park!

4. New Balance High Roller 501: $90Lately these retro runners have been popping up all over the place! With their vibrant colour choices, retro look, and foam sole, these runners are the perfect pop for any outfit to give you all the confidence and stamina you need to keep you going all day!

5. Reebok ZJet: $95
With air tunnels channeling the air through under the shoe and allowing the shoe to bend in unison with the foot, the ZJet's are one of the most flashy and comfy shoes around!

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