Saturday, December 20, 2014

Last Minute Shopper?

If you're a last minute shopper, like many of us are, it's hard to find good, high quality gifts, for student prices, after the lot of the mall has been routed through already by early birds. Or maybe you don't know what to buy that certain person in your life, we've all been there, shopping for others can be extremely difficult so here is a guide to the best last minute gifts for everyone on your list.

Him: Odds are he's into sports, star wars, reading, music, adventure and xbox. If not all of those, he's probably into at least one of those things. Clothes are always an option, but incase you don't want to get him a classic t-shirt this year, here is some assistance.

Her: Girls are much easier to shop for, and maybe that is a biased opinion because I am a girl so just incase, here are some gift ideas for the lovely lady on your list. It's hard to shop for jewelry and clothes because girls all have very different tastes, so lets skip the clothing this year, unless you know for SURE she wanted something specific.

For extra gift ideas, Urban Outfitters has great categories that are easy to follow and make it very convenient to find something for everyone on your list.
Click here for all their gift categories!

Happy shopping!

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