Monday, February 9, 2015

Spring is on its way, we're hoping...

Snow is falling and falling and falling, and we are layering and layering and layering.
It's getting quite repetitive and everyone is ready for sunshine, and tanned skin. After a season has been around for a while, and you've done everything in accordance to entertainment that it has to offer, you start imagining all the more fun you'd be having if it was a different season. Today it would be great if it was spring, you could spend the afternoon splashing in puddles, wearing your favourite dress and rain coat, going umbrella shopping and taking pictures of the surrounding world about to burst with colour. In preparation for the upcoming months, it would be nice to make a spring bucket list to get us all in a brighter mood and wash away the winter blues, and remember the bright and colourful days to come. With the help of Fashion Arts students we've created 10 things that you can buy, do, create or look forward to this spring! Click on the number icon for more information on that point!

1. Buy rubber boots, any kind will do and spend a full afternoon in them splashing through the puddles.

2. Buying fun umbrellas and getting to experiment with different outfits, making it an accessory

3. Flower and vegetable seed shopping for your garden, and maybe even some new gardening shoes

4. Watching the stores fill up (finally) with new and fresh merchandise that inspires you for your next instagram #ootd

5. Grab your best friend and travel around your local area and find fresh produce, made right outside your front door.

6. Hit the pavement with those new Nike's you've been telling yourself every week you'll finally break out!

7. Finally explore Kensington Market, without freezing your toes off and having to flee into a cafe early. There's too many great things to find!

8. Attend FAT (Fashion Art Toronto) at $35 a day you can see over 200 national, and international fashion designers, visual artists and performers! April 21-25!

9. When your favourite jeans become unwearable as the warm weather arrives, follow American Eagles tutorial on turning your favourite jeans into your favourite shorts!

10. The perfect time to make like a spring flower and blossom into the new wardrobe you've always wanted!

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  1. LOVE this list. Can't wait for spring to do them all!