Sunday, March 29, 2015

Toronto Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015

It seems like we finally saw the final snowflake melt, and now we're back again talking about this upcoming winter. But that is one of the many joys of living in the great north. Fashion week in Toronto saw many new and upcoming trends, and although you don't want to think about winter, and all that snow again, most trends you can incorporate into your style for the upcoming spring and summer! You can get a head start on these trends and master them before the first snowflake hits the ground. We found the top 5 most dominate trends, and we're going to show you how you can get a head start on these upcoming trends for the spring /summer months! Don't forget to share them with you and see how you can incorporate these trends, into your summer / spring wardrobes, using the #fashionhumber and #HeartMyBlog!

1. Asymmetry
Forever 21 $22

You've probably noticed asymmetrical skirts and dresses, shirts and shorts even, popping up all over stores across the country. First there was only a few, and as the months progress it seems there are more and more. This is a very easy trend to start wearing at this time of year!

2. Backpacks

Matt & Nat $215, Nordstrom   
This is going to be a very convenient trend in September, because honestly, it's not fun carrying your new purse that you want to show off...with your lame school bookbag. If the bookbag is the new trend there will be no need for that new purse, which means less to carry and investing all your purse and bookbag funds, into just the bookbag, meaning you'll have one insanely stylish school bag. 

3. Wraps

H&M, $40

Oversized EVERYTHING, has been in style these last few seasons, over sized scarf, oversized cardigan, and now a combination of the two! You can easily wrap this around your body like a scarf, but also have the pleasure of wearing it like a sweater, the best of both worlds! So far spring has been pretty cool, with chilly winds, so trying out this trend right now, is totally justifiable. 

4. Marabou
Forever 21, $41

This was covering the runways last week at Toronto fashion week. The marabou feathers look gorgeous flowing along the catwalk! You could try out this trend in a vest for spring!

5. Circles, Circles, Circles

Circle cutouts, bags, and circle everything, we're seen at this years fashion week! This trend is super easy to get into right now, with circle bags popping up in stores in gorgeous pastel spring colours!

H&M, $35
We can't wait to see what you do with these trends!

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