Saturday, February 16, 2013

LFW: Jean-Pierre Braganza

"I'm obsessed with the idea that numbers and geometry have symbolic and cosmic value, with the female form being the ultimate cosmic being." 
– Jean-Pierre Braganza

By: Maddison Brown

As soon as a designer defines a female as, ”the ultimate cosmic being”, we know we are off to a good start. London Fashion Week kicked off with Jean-Pierre Braganza’s philosophy on women’s fashion defined for us in the form of modern, yet edgy designs. Each piece was striking in it’s own way, with strong yet dark structural presence and generosity in length. 

Maxi dresses with cap sleeves were a consistent style, all featuring bold geometric patterns. Jean-Pierre didn’t feature a silhouette in the classic way and instead used these geometric patterns to emulate the look for him. It worked to his advantage, with many of his constellation cutouts elongating the legs while the harshly cut shapes managed to soften the shoulders. A few not as popular choices included his incorporation of Asian cartoon inspired dragons and fantasy landscapes which were placed upon many of his dresses. Some found this unique and edgy while many found it tiresome and childish. This diversity in opinion is what makes fashion so beautifully addicting. All in all an extremely intense yet intricately designed collection!

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