Monday, March 4, 2013

PFW: Acne Studios

By: Aman Gabi

Lauren English opens for Acne Studios (

One of the most dazzling collections for Paris Fashion Week was the Acne Studios Fall 2013 collection. The distinct colour palette consists of aqua, black, royal blue, burgundy, red, tan, yellow and grey. Jonny Johansson creates fuller silhouettes that are inspired by geometric shapes. The wide leg trousers and the oversized sweaters are pieces that were the strongest in his collection. 

He had plenty of accessories like printed silk scarves and fedoras. Leather, silk and knit were the primary fabrics for his collection, which were shown in vests and blazers, in both men’s and women’s pieces. The metallic leather accentuates the vests and trousers.  The oversized sweaters with the stitch line were the signature pieces that tied his collection together. Overall, the splash of colour and fabrics makes the fall 2013 collection the most dramatic yet.

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