Monday, April 8, 2013

Fashion Recap

Model from a show in 2004 (nypost)

By: Maddison Brown

This past Sunday the fashion community, particularly the sunny side of the world, felt the tremendous loss of Lilly Pulitzer, dying at 81. Florida native and known for her iconic tropical prints, Lilly Pulitzer brightened the world of fashion with her sunny styles. School classmate and close personal friend Jackie Kennedy, lead the way for the trendy American classic, wearing many of her designs. While she’s done her time with us on Earth, her spirit and brand lives on. “Love, Lilly and the pursuit of happiness”- Lilly Pulitzer. (thedailybeast)

Preview from the MET (vogue)

Something else that will live on in the fashion world thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is the era of punk fashion. The exhibit will feature the highlights of punk fashion starting in the 1970’s and the magnitude that punk music and culture had on society. The collection will be shown through multimedia displays, music videos and audio techniques embellishing a hundred varying designs. If you’re around New York City this spring, you won’t want to miss this. (metmuseum)

comme des garcons SS13

A trend that won’t seem to call it quits however, is the ever mysterious camouflage print. Camo has mad yet another comeback this spring, beginning on spring runways such as Valentino, Comme des Garcons and Christopher Kane. GQ recently wrote an article offering some street style friendly ways to incorporate this notorious print, including via sneakers… (GQ)

SS13 Finale from Prada (fashionmagazine)
On a lighter note, Prada has had a fantastic spring so far with the announcement of their profit success from the 2012 year. The label’s CEO Patrizio Bertelli told WWD, the figures actually “broke new records in terms of revenues and earnings”, with their 44.9% net profit soar compared to 2011. It is without a doubt that Prada is one of the most successful fashion houses to date, yet the success of last year makes it even more so prominent. (WWD)

Lastly but certainly not less important in fashion news, fast-fashion empire ZARA is now on close watch for suspicions involving the use of sweatshops in their production. Argentina Health and Safety, who have focused on three major factories supplying for ZARA Man in the UK stores, have led the recent investigation due to uncomfortable confessions from Bolivian workers claiming to work over 13 hours a day. Global ethics and awareness is a constant issue in fashion, and despite denying all suspicions, ZARA is currently on close watch. After all, the most anyone should have to suffer in the hands of fashion is in a 5-inch pair of stilettos. (Vogue)

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