Friday, April 19, 2013

Lacroix Brings Schiaparelli Back

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By: Maddison Brown

Fashion in its’ truest form is the ability to produce a legacy. For Elsa Schiaparelli, she left the legacy of including personality and bravery into what we wear. She introduced us to “Shocking Pink”, and the concept that beautiful shoes can go on your head as well as your feet. When she brought out the Skeleton Dress she not only pushed fashion limits of her generation, but also shook them instead. Someone she influenced in particular is Christian Lacroix, the French fashion designer who plans to return from a four year designing hiatus to produce a couture collection inspired by the house of Schiaparelli. The 15 pieces will be brought to life this July in the beautiful Place Vendôme during Paris’s couture season.
Lacroix (

How can we be sure that the magic of the late Elsa Schiaparelli will remain sacred? Lacroix tells Forbes, “my wish is to reposition Elsa in the heart of her house and on the public stage where she once seduced the entire world”.  Elsa was known for incorporating a heavy focus on art into her pieces, with collaborations with Salvador Dali and much use of surrealism in the work. Lacroix spent a great deal of his life studying art history and many of his own creations featured theatrical presence and expression.

Not only are many in the fashion world excited to see Lacroix back from his hiatus, he seems more at home than ever at the thought of this project. He sees Elsa as a, “true aristocrat”, and many are confident that there is no one better suited for such an entitlement. In true Schiaparelli fashion, this is a collection you’ll have a hard time missing, even if you tried.

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