Friday, May 24, 2013

Fashion Arts Alumni: Benjamin Doig's Experience With Harry Rosen

Published with the permission of Benjamin Doig and Anna Zamparo
Benjamin Doig interned with Harry Rosen during his placement through Humber and impressed sufficiently to secure a permanent position with Harry Rosen on Bloor Street- a dream come true! Here's a quick excerpt from an update that Benjamin sent to one of his professors at Humber.

"My title is "assistant concierge" even though I'm the only concierge in all of Harry Rosen. The reason being is that there is room for growth, and with growth comes a bigger salary! So I'm quite content with being able to move up.

I just bought my first designer suit (Etro) and really feel part of it now. It was a bit pricey but we've got some pretty good employee wardrobe programs... I don't think I'll be able to buy another for a long time! It's a big step up from Value Village!

I spoke to Adam Martin today (from the INFUSE 2013 cover shoot), he said "and then there was three", meaning that it's now Julia, Adam, and myself from Humber. That made me feel very proud of myself! I've also met with one of the main buyers, Lisa Ross, and learned a lot about product and her job.

Each morning we have PK (product knowledge) meeting and I LOVE them. It's essentially 30 minutes of learning about a brand and what we can do to improve on them. We usually end up having to make packages, and it really brings the team closer together.

What is also very cool is that Harry himself comes to this store regularly. I've met him and he is such a real guy. It's so nice to see him helping customers, and it's funny once the clients figure out who he is! He also speaks at our store some mornings and that is something very special. Not only is he a great orator, but he started this business from the ground up. Listening to him is very inspiring.

I'm surrounded by wonderful and professional people, so I've really felt myself maturing and gaining key skills for the business world."

We have tons of faith in Benjamin and wish him all the very best in his move up the ladder at Harry Rosen. Also, we can't wait to see him sporting his new Etro look.

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