Monday, October 20, 2014

New York City


I look out the window and I see the lights and the skyline and the people on the street rushing around looking for action, love, and the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookie, and my heart does a little dance. -Nora Ephron

Day One:
We arrive excitedly in New York City and take a bus from the airport to our hotel, the Hilton. Which was incredible because it was about 5 blocks from time square. After dropping our stuff off at the hotel and having about an hour to get ready, we set off for the MAC show room. Here we had the opportunity to have our make up done by the professionals, and glimpse inside the upcoming make up trends for S/S 2015 and see how to execute them. We learned the ins and outs of our favourite products, and discovered new products that were soon to become our favourites. 

Day Two:
With our Starbucks on hand, we loaded the bus and headed off on our second adventure, FIT. We were shown an array of gorgeous clothing dating from 1900-present date. Along with the visuals, we were lucky enough to be refreshed on the history of each time period, and how the silhouettes changed over the decades. We then visited the FIT museum where we saw historic intimate apparel and experienced interactive exhibits. It was extremely fascinating to see the evolution of apparel over the centuries. We then walked over to WGSN and learned how to effectively use their site, the information they store on it, and how the whole process comes to be. We also learned the history behind it, and the latest news about the website.

Day Three:
Our final day in New York was bitter-sweet, because as much as we all did not want to leave, we had an incredible and informative day. We started off going to Clarins head office, when we entered, croissants and coffee lined the tables of the boardroom, welcoming us to the office. We learned the history and back ground to Thierry Muglar's perfume lines. We also learned information on Clarins, such as, what they do, their labs, and how they make some of the most amazing perfumes on the planet. We were fortunate enough to receive a bottle of 'Alien' upon our departure, leaving us all smelling remarkable. After leaving Clarins, we walked over to Macy's and wondered and awed at the largest store on earth. We received a tour of Macy's with many facts accompanying the store. We learned about the selling ideas, the layout of the store, and how Macy's continues to create high traffic and sales throughout the decades.


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