Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Essentials by Roxanne Deblois

Here comes the time of the year where the weather gets confusing: cold in the morning and warm during the day – Fall. You want to make sure you get enough coverage for the walk you have on your way to school, but also an option for when it gets warmer. This is called layering. Fall is all about layering all your favourite piece of clothes to finally come to a decent outfit.

The trending colours this season is pretty similar to every year: warm colours to warm our hearts up! All nude colours like black, white, beige and grey are always a win when it comes to a colder weather. Burgundy and olive green are also trendy in the autumn season. This year on the fall RTW 2014 runway, we’ve seen a lot of orange, all kind of orange but in different tint and hue. Add this accent colour to your outfit and you’ll be super trendy!

You MUST HAVE these “it” items in your closet: a poncho or a cape, statements (necklaces, bags or shirts), cargo pants, faux fur and finally plaid… plaid everything!!

There are 4 major looks that are trending this season: 

Casual, Athletic, grunge and minimal chic. Here are some ideas of what you can wear to stay on trend and sport your favourite style #ootd !!

Comfy look

  •     Knit Sweaters
  •        Leggings
  •        Oversized shirts
  •        Boots
  •        Scarves (plaid, oversized, infinite)
  •     Knit Cardigans 

Minimal chic

  •        blazers
  •        crop tops
  •        turtle neck
  •        black/white jeans
  •        leopard print accent
  •        pencil skirt
  •        basic plain shirt
  •        jumpsuit
  •        classic woven pants
  •        blouse/chiffon shirt
  •        faux fur
  •        trench coat
  •        collar coat
  •        peplum
  •        black & white contrast

Athletic look

  •        Leggings
  •        Boyfriend jeans
  •        Destructed jeans
  •        Plaid shirts
  •        Baseball tee
  •        Jean jacket (fleece)
  •        Baseball hat
  •        Relaxed tee
  •        Keds
  •        Runners
  •        Varsity jacket
  •        Jogger pants
  •        beanie


  •        Plaid shirts
  •        Oversized jean jacket
  •        High wasted jeans
  •        Chokers
  •        chunky heels
  •        crop tops
  •        felt hat
  •        leather pants
  •        leather jackets
  •        lace maxi dress/skirt
  •        boots
  •        fuzzy cardigan
  •        plaid pants/skirt
  •        oversized cardigan
  •        knee slit black jeans
  •     black faux fur jacket

Written by: Roxanne Deblois 

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