Saturday, October 4, 2014

TOP 3 Paris Fashion Week S/S 2015 Highlights

With the January of fashion finally coming to an end, its time to look back on the highlights of the anticipated, Paris Fashion week.

1. Return

The return of top super models, left everyone pleasantly surprised and shocked. It was wonderful seeing greats like Gisele, and Amber Valetta, return to the runway for Chanel and Lanvin.


There's so much to be said here. This was such a spectacular show that captivated audiences attention, and minds. Awareness was brought to women's rights, by a catwalk protest, led by none other then the fabulous Cara, and of course Kendall Jenner. Gorgeous colours and prints exploded on the runway as the models made their way down the catwalk, with protesting signs in hand. Definitely a show that we will be talking about for decades to come.

3. Dries van Noten

The cherry on top, after a long, stressful and hectic month in the fashion world, was whenever Dries van Noten's beautiful show took place. The models came out wearing lovely flowing, delicate and bohemian inspired wear. The models came out and proceeded to lounge on the bed of grass that was on the cat walk, to create a dream like effect, and gave everyone time to relax and enjoy.

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