Monday, January 26, 2015

Gucci Menswear Fall 2015

Frida Giannini left Gucci earlier then anticipated, and her entire menswear line was redesigned in 5 days, every last detail. They made the impossible, possible.

The show showcased droopy lines, androgyny, and a blurred line between the sexes. The only similarity to Giannini's previous collections, was the influence she got from the music scene. All of the outfits we're based off of artists.

"It was as though someone had been paging through Rizzoli's recent tome devoted to the first 10 years of Another Man magazine, with the likes of Bobby Gillespie fearlessly carrying on the legacy of Mick 'n' Keef, wearing their girlfriends' chiffon and crepe, effortlessly easing snake hips into skinny trousers. "Visceral storytelling through fashion" was the declared intent of this collection.." (

Their styles consist of sported berets, spectacles, stock tied blouses, red lace, governess jacket and long, skinny scarves. 

The women's show is in a few weeks and will show more insight into what else Gucci has in store for us!


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