Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Paris Fashion Week 2015

Paris proved once again that they are the fashion capital of the world. With their outstanding haute couture and shows from houses like Chanel, Versace, Christian Dior, and Armani, they kicked the week off with a Parisian bang, starting on this past Sunday.


Raf Simons' designs for Dior this show, featured intense layers of...everything. From the runway, to the sequins, lace, tulle, colour scheme and bright pumps. It looked like a kaleidoscope from the 50's-70's, which was his intention. Andre Courreges and Peter Max we're a mix of influences in this years show. "The French brands spring-summer collection was a playful blend of psychedelic and futuristic, with a sense of 50's, 60's and 70's styles.


Chanel's runway Tuesday had a centrepiece of huge tropical flowers made of white and grey paper, that opened up into huge blooms of pink, red and yellow. Karl's 73 piece collection consisted of ladylike silhouettes, bare midriff, tweed suits, crystal flowers and gardening hats. He thought that bright colours we're needed after the dark start Paris had to the new year.


Versace's collection was sexy, yet simple, with long form fitting dresses, bright colours, and transparent cutouts, and a slit to show legs, this collection showed off every curve. The designer wanted to really show off a woman's body, she wanted no straight lines what so ever, even the details are curved.


On Wednesday, Armani's 68 piece collection was shown and it featured oriental prints, oversized accessories, and delicate, ladylike silhouettes. Draped in silk and beaded materials, with bamboo columns on either side, graced the catwalk.


My personal, and completely biased opinion because this happened to be my favourite collection. The exquisite
Gambattista Valli collection, featuring swollen-bellied skirts, embroidery, FRILLS, and tulle, with a very light and delicate colour story and an abundance of the colour pink.

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