Thursday, September 27, 2012

Achitecturally Chic

From Milan, San Francisco, to Toronto, it has become more evident that fashion and architecture have created a beautiful union. The fusion of both elements allow designers to experiment with complex and unique forms, with jewelry, shoes, and even the runway stages. All of which is taking fashion to a whole new and exciting level.

Prada Catwalk

Prada partnered with OMA (Artchitect: Rem Koolhaas) and created the ultimate fashion experience on the runway. Inspired by shifting geometrical forms, the audience is able to perceive the catwalk at different vantage points. Each collaboration between Prada and OMA, creates a fresh new experience for the spectator, and seeks to determine how both environments influence each other.

Another architecture inspired Prada creation is the Prada Transformer. As the name suggests, the structure transforms depending on 4 different environments: Art, architecture, fashion and cinema. More information and pictures at:

Fathom & Form is a San Francisco based collection which features architecturally inspired jewelry. The designer duo use digital fabrication in order to create timeless pieces with an edgy twist. here are some of the creations they have created, all inspired by achitecture.

Canadian born architect Fran Gehry created an exclusive Tiffany&Co. line which encompasses the architect's signature design style of "beauty without rules". Gehry uses unique architectural forms and textures in order to create one of a kind quality pieces. With his extensive background in the architecture world, it is only natural that his pieces truly reflect his love for geometic shapes and lines.

By: Natalie C.