Friday, October 19, 2012

Pushing Limits - Scary Beautiful

- Beauty is Pain -

South African art student Leanie Van der Vyver, has conceptualized an unusual pair of heels as part of her academic design thesis. In collaboration with Dutch shoe designer, RenĂ© van den Berg, the heel they created named “Scary Beautiful,” is an artistic reinterpretation of the fashion industry’s obsession with perfection. Van der Vyver’s goal with her project was to “explore what lies beyond perfection and to challenge our current beauty ideals by inflicting an unexpected new beauty standard.”

The heels have already gained media recognition, a design prize nomination from The Gerrit Rietveld Acadamie in Amsterdam, and a pair has also been sent to Lady Gaga.
A video of woman walking in the “Scary Beautiful” heels can been seen here: 

By: Natalie C.