Monday, January 7, 2013

Coolness from Missoni

The Missoni pre-fall 2013 collection is being deemed as masculinity meeting feline aggression. ( 

The colour palette, was filled with cool tones such as greys, plums and blues. However, also encompassing warm tones such as browns and mustard yellows. Deviating from their usual multi-toned knits, fur collars as well as heavy wool coats was something fresh for the brand. 

With fall comes layering, and Misssoni couldn’t have done a better job of it, especially with the turtlenecks. Some of the stronger pieces being ones with texture, such as the jackets featured with fur collars. The leather jackets as well as the tailored shorts demonstrated the masculinity of the collection, while the coats as well as the lacy knits featured the feminine side of the collection. (

Overall, bringing the texture and sheerness from the spring collection was a good call, since those are two items that transition well from spring to fall. Check out the rest of the collection here!

By: Julia Smith

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