Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Industry Icon of the Week: Haider Ackermann

“When Karl Lagerfeld was recently asked who he’d most like to see succeed him at Chanel, he didn’t hesitate: “Haider Ackermann.”” 
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Ackermann was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and was adopted shortly after birth by a French couple.  They had previously adopted a girl from Vietnam and a boy from South Korea.  The family traveled a lot due to the father being a cartographer.  They spent time living in Algeria, Chad, Ethiopia, and Iran, ending up in the Netherlands when Ackermann was 12.  He moved to Antwerp, Belgium when he was 25 to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and was able to produce a collection in 2002 that was shown in Paris.  Three years later he found an investor and opened an atelier in Paris.

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One of my favourite women’s fashion designers, Haider Ackermann delivers clothes for a strong, confident, and mighty woman.  His pieces flow together to create a seamless outfit that speaks volumes of his artistic ability, creating a fashion-as-armour range of clothing.  While viewing his collections, I am drawn to picture an avant-garde circus, both with the outfits he puts forth and the magical stories he tells through his clothing.  Ackermann notes the Sahara Desert as one of his places for inspiration and I’m sure his nomadic, eclectic, and adventurous upbringing led him towards this fantastical gypsy look that he adores.  Through his dedication and artistic abilities with his clothes, it is no wonder that he has gained people like Tilda Swinton as a friend and supporter.

By: Adam Keller

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