Monday, February 25, 2013

MFW: Emporio Armani

By: Adam Keller
Wow – Emporio Armani’s collection this season went all over the place.  Well, I guess with 75 looks in total, you’ve got to have a large repertoire up your sleeve.  Mr. Armani says that his collection was, “a more innovative romanticism” (WWD).  He for sure achieved this with the help of his 20’s theme, drawing much inspiration from the decade to produce these looks.  

Every model had a hat on – mostly bowler or cloche hats, and brought forth a more masculine feeling when mixed with the tailored menswear pieces.  Armani used a lot of pastels this season, saying, “I wanted to lighten up winter, which is generally made up of too many dark colors and materials that are too hot” (WWD).  There were a few out-there pieces such as the fleece-type dresses and the matching wide-leg trousers.  Then we had a few avant-garde stiff velvet dresses with inflated skirts to wrap up the collection.  Didn’t seem extremely wearable, but hey, that’s fashion!

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