Friday, February 22, 2013

MFW: Versace

“Versace is a house with a storied history and some highly recognizable fashion iconography, punk references included.” (wwd)

By: Julia Smith

Donatella’s collection was full of latex body suits, pants and tops, accessorized with elaborate neck pieces as well as body jewelry along with nails that acted as clasps to some garments. The garments were paired with studded boots, and studded jewelry  altogether giving a domatrix feel.

The show started with latex body suits and trench coats, then adding tartan prints and heavy jewelry, as well as oversized nails acting as a clasp, then transitioning to pant suits, mini skirts and tight crop tops, the garments then evolved to skin-tight dresses and sunshine yellow animal-spotted coats along with fire engine red coats, moving to latex pants and extensive body jewelry, the show then ended with evening dresses with various cutouts and highly embellished trimmings.

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