Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PFW: Christophe Lemaire

By: Aman Gabi

Christophe Lemaire has created a crisp clean collection for Fall 2013. This androgyny inspired collection features a colour pallete with neutral colours like black, tan, and cream.  Many of the looks are high-waisted trousers with sleek blazers, with blouses to match. Most of the looks are accented with bold belts and glossy boots. 

The ample silhouettes create a soft touch of femininity to the looks. The beautifully tailored sweaters are perfect pieces with the cropped trousers. The blouses and dress were cinched at the waist, which makes a dramatic look with the loose blazers. The beautiful salt and pepper colours created a cozy look for the modern woman. Overall, Christophe Lemaire has created another fresh collection with fine tailored pieces and definitive colours.

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