Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PFW: Alexander McQueen
By: Adam Keller

The Alexander McQueen show was definitely short and sweet.  This was a true high-fashion presentation.  The outfits were all immaculate; many were Victorian style with ruffles framing the face, reminiscent of Mary Queen of Scots.  Peplum waists and broad shoulders were the typical body silhouette present, along with feathered coats that almost seemed to leap off the runway.  There were also two medieval outfits with short skirts and a long train in a mix of solid and sheer fabrics that brought the collection to another level.  

Legs were covered in chainmail-type stockings with shoes that were both high and bold – with many pearl-esque studs.  Accessories included gloves that only covered the women’s fingers as well as the crystal headwear that was seen in every look.  The all black and white collection mixed with silver elements really pushed the boundaries of the fashion we have previously seen at Paris Fashion Week and was a great way to bring a heightened level of style.

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  1. great job adam! another breath-taking collection from sarah burton. all hail mcqueen!!