Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PFW: Saint Laurent

By: Adam Keller

For his second women’s collection for Saint Laurent, Heidi Slimane pulled together a badass grunge look for the fall.  Anything you can envision from the style of grunge was seen on the Saint Laurent runway.  There were yellow prom-ish dresses paired with lumberjack shirts, black outfits with fishnet stockings, ripped leather pants with oversized blazers, and plaid and flower-prints with long fur coats.  Most of the models donned the essential footwear for the grunge kid – the biker boot.  

Leather was of course a staple throughout the show, with jackets, skirts, and dresses featuring the animal skin.  It is ironic that Marc Jacobs was famously fired for his resurrection of the grunge look in a high-fashion atmosphere.  Nowadays anything is possible and something such as grunge is celebrated profusely.  These girls may be looking a little rough around the edges, but they still speak volumes for what their outfits stand for.

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