Thursday, March 7, 2013

PFW: Hermes
By: Maddison Brown

When it comes to timeless Parisian fashion, you cannot beat Hermès. This collection can make anyone wish they walked the streets of Paris, everyday of their life. The outfits were strongly feminine, with minimal detail. The elegant simplicity of the line made the collection perfectly poised, and preppy. Most were belted, or tucked at the waist, emphasizing the female silhouette. Blazers and overcoats however, hung loosely or draped elegantly over the shoulders. 

Collars were crisp and necklines were modest. The line featured fur and leather but in the most sophisticated of manners. It was shown through high-waisted conservative skirts, or used as an accent.  Colours were traditional and consistent, using navy blue, red, brown and creams. Pink was shown in a few neckties, because it isn’t a French collection without a necktie. Overall the show was exactly what to be expected for Paris Fashion Week, and then some. French Vanity Fair’s Virginie Mouzat quoted, equally satisfied: “At last, pure French chic”.

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