Saturday, March 2, 2013

PFW: Isabel Marant

By: Tamara Arnew

The Isabel Marant’s Fall 2013 collection could have easily been bohemian in the way that we have come to expect from her designs, with the Carnation Revolution in mind and flowers in hair. Instead the designer gave us rebel-girl Lisbeth Salander with Penny Lane’s Band-Aid ambitions and it was barely too sweet for rock and roll. Layers were long, lean and shirttail hemmed to miniskirts in a charcoal and cream palate that has been otherwise neglected in favor of checkerboard. 

Dancer style cropped sweaters revealed narrow chest cutouts and sheer jersey tees that were paired in a way that was effortlessly low key and convertibly embellished.  Velcro-ed strappy platform boots, boxy broad shouldered jackets, studs and stretchy leggings dotted the I’s for the collection’s backstage of the band appeal while the wool skinny leather belted trench crossed the T on Eastern European metal influence.

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