Saturday, March 2, 2013

PFW: Issey Miyake

By: Maddison Brown
Issey Miyake changed the way models walk the runway, both in attitude and attire. The girls took the catwalk with…. a smile! A rare moment for the fashion world as most models display the outfits and leave the personality out of it. This time the personality was brought forth through their smiles, as well as the beautiful and generous palette of colours and patterns. The primary colours were a large focus of the show, while offering in between tones of equally bright tones in pink and orange.

Plaid was everywhere, in trench coats, jumpsuits, and pantsuits. Geometry reappeared as a dominant theme, while offering surprising combinations throughout the collection. Monochromatic was seen as well, in many belted and business professional outfits, and fur made an appearance through accessories and full figure jackets. Issey Miyake ensures that the next Fall/Winter will be anything but cold and dreary!

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