Saturday, February 28, 2015


As many of you know, last Monday was the first day, of the second annual Toronto Men's Fashion Week or TOM*. Globally the mens fashion industry is worth about $400 billion, opposed to it's female counterpart which is worth $620 billion. And although female models make figures in the millions male models often make six figures. But the men's fashion is definitely making a splash and giving the women's fashion world a run for their money. With TOM* having it's second successful year, the future of men's fashion is looking very bright, with the shift in cultural the modern man isn't ashamed of loving clothes and looking great.

The runway shows started Wednesday and ran until Friday at College park. This has inspired so many Canadian men to embrace their fashion side, and retailers are seeing more and more men coming into stores with tear sheets, wanting the latest fashion. It's great seeing Canadian men take such an interest in fashion, and it is putting Toronto on the map as a very fashionable place to be.

TOM* saw an modern take on traditional silhouettes, from minimalistic looks to all out glamour, there was something for every taste this week. Canadian fashion was in full force and TOM* was the star on all of our Instagrams. Some of the designers that were featured in TOM* were as follows: Collar Clothing, MensFashion4Hope, HD Homme, The Wild North Apparel, and Christopher Bates.

TOM* is always looking for volunteers and the ticket prices range from $20 per show, to $65 per day. So be sure to keep a look out for next years show if you missed this years!

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